MetLife Chile Online Health Insurance Sales

Client: MetLife Chile
Date: December 1, 2016
Services: Website Design, UX, front-end dev

01. The situation

During 2017, the insurance company MetLife contacted my studio, El Buen Camino, to help them with their first online insurance sign up.

The project’s objective was to digitize a process that, up to that point, had been carried out by hand, through representatives working on-site at the country’s hospitals and clinics. My job was to build the digital experience and simplify the process of policy filing.

What was my role in the project?

Ux & Research

I led the Ux team, forming a nexus between Marketing, IT and end-user. My role was to design a catalog of components that could be featured in a variety of different insurance products.

Interface Design

I designed the interface for different product landings using previously defined components.

Front-end Dev

I directed the development team, providing visualization error correction, using the design framework Foundation 6.

02. ¿How was the process?

Initial Research.
To have an idea of the general state of online insurance sales, I conducted a review of national and international best practices. Among those I focused on were the conversational interface of Oscar Insurance and the instant sign-ups of Santander Seguros. I put these reviews in a document and shared them with the client, allowing both parties to organize the functionalities MetLife was looking for..

Initial Wireframes.
I created a complete signup process flow, everything from email messages to the confirmation page. With the client help we identified the main contact points and worked to create an architectural base which adapted the process to the characteristics of the various types of insurance on offer.

Interface Design

To design a fluid signup mechanism, I used the visual language of Google’s Material Design and the company’s brand definitions.

Responsive Design and Components Catalog

I designed the site’s home pages and organized the project’s recursive elements in a graphic document. I supervised the work on interior pages and maintained a role as consultant during the process of constructing and integrating the purchasing flow.

03. Other features

Elimination of Price Tables

Insurance rates depend on coverage as well as the amount and age of customers insured. In general, this information is included in an enormous table containing variants that a given user has to sift through, locating the row and column corresponding to that user, in order to understand the cost and coverage of her or his plan. One of the key features that we added was to eliminate all price tables, turning them into selectors that update costs depending on the characteristics of each potential client.

Simplifying Fill-in Forms

An important improvement we included in the new signup flow was simplifying the process of including preexisting conditions, from a step by step process for each condition to a screen which converted different groups of conditions, considered for each category, into icons.

Contact with the assessor always shown

The process of buying insurance often requires the help of an assessor that can answer questions that naturally arise during the process.

04. Tech Roster.


Information Architect and UI Designer: Claudio Merino

Front-end Dev: Jair García


Sketch & invisionApp: For wireframing, UI Design and client feedback.

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