Cine Hoyts Redesign

Redesign of website and purchase flow for a chain of movie theaters in Chile.

Client: Cine Hoyts Chile
Date: 16/01/2015
Services: Redesign, Information Architecture, Web design, Front-end Integration

01. The situation

Cine Hoyts is the largest chain of movie theaters in Chile, with more than 100 theaters throughout the country. They contacted me because they wanted to augment ticket sales via their website, recognizing that to achieve this, a variety of changes needed to be made.

In order to better understand the needs that Cine Hoyts brought to me, the first obvious thing to do was to coordinate initial interviews with the company. After many conversations, both parties came to the conclusion that it was necessary to redesign and improve the process of online ticket sales: to make it quicker, more intuitive, less tedious, and mobile-compatible.

Which was my rol in the project?

Information Architecture

I created a navigable prototype in Axure of all pages that would be used in the project.

Interface design

I designed responsive site and purchase flow templates.

Ux companion

I was with the company’s team during the process of building the templates and their integration with .net in the client’s server.

02. How was the process?

A better Ux leads to higher sales: the classic lessons are always relevant

The previous Cine Hoyts website had been online since 2007, and had many usability problems related to a lack of content hierarchy when searching for products as well as with the natural flow of ticket purchasing. These problems put the conversion in danger and, in addition, the technology that had been used to maintain the platform was obsolete, which produced more than a few headaches when adding new content or updating existing content.

With these problems in mind, I began working on a new design that would be able to facilitate users’ searches and selection processes so that later we could complement these improvements with processes and technologies that would also facilitate ticket purchases.

The new design I proposed was based on  Cards, where when a user passes over (or presses in the case of the mobile app) one of these cards, the user would be able to see the most relevant information about each movie as well as begin the ticket purchasing process in the same place.

03. Results.

Compared with the same period of the previous year, the number of online ticket sales increased by 20%. What’s more, the purchasing experience, especially in relation to the mobile app, improved significantly, from less than 2% to more than 25% in purchases made in IOS and Android.