Hi, I’m Claudio.

I’m a Ux designer based in Barcelona. I help organizations with their digital challenges, gaining knowledge of key aspects of their businesses and users in order to generate solutions that address their needs in the most effective way.

In the fourteen years I’ve dedicated myself to digital design work, I’ve worked on an ample spectrum of projects, including redesigning web sites, mobile apps, intranets, self-help kiosks, and others, both with startups and large, established companies in the Americas and Europe.

I’ve worked as a freelance designer and as part of design firms, meeting the needs of clients in Chile, Argentina, Paris and Barcelona, including MetLife Chile, Santander Rio, Cine Hoyts, Movistar, Lexdir.com and RailEurope.com. Current I’m the owner of the Ux design studio El Buen Camino, where I work on designing user-experiences and lead a team that brings projects to production.


Ux and Research

My process considers users’ behaviors, needs and motivations in order to define key goals. This lets me generate strategies which incorporate a business’s needs and the expectations of its users.

Information Architect

I organize the structure, content and documentation specifications using wireframes and work flows, from a standpoint that is both intuitive and logical to the user.

Prototypes and Testing

I build interactive prototypes which are used to create the input for user tests and client validation.

Clients and businesses with which I’ve recently collaborated

In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to help many businesses, of all sizes, with their digital challenges. I’ve collaborated with them in everything from defining projects to front-end development and final implementation.
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For more information on my work, you can see my profile on LinkedIn,  GitHub or Twitter. If you’d like to contact me for help with a project, please fill out the form below.